Research and Development


Research and Development

R&D is a vital aspect of The Odyssey Group International’s core business model. We generally intend to commercialize our products, after completion of development and any required regulatory approvals, primarily through one of three methods: (i) a sale of the technology; (ii) licensing of the product to a manufacturer or distributor or; (iii) by manufacturing, marketing and directly selling the products ourselves. We expect this model to provide several advantages to our stockholders, including: (i) a more efficient and effective research and development process; (ii) a quicker time to market with a distinguished go-to-market model after completion of development; and (iii) the value-added growth to the hub company, The Odyssey Group International, through commercialization and subsidiary spin-off for maximum returns to the company and its shareholders.

Our research and acquisition efforts are divided into the following primary areas:

Insane Power Competition Engines/IP Motors – “Get the EDGE on your competition”


The Insane Power’s corporate philosophy matches our own, with goals to provide consumers with products that are precision built, premium quality and must fit the highest manufacturing standards. The products must work to maintain reliability and safety in any environment from on-street to on-track use, while providing the highest possible peak WHP available. The product packages are designed to provide vehicle owners with options when choosing to performance tune their vehicles, whether it is parts to accommodate a more aggressive driving profile to full on-track ready vehicle upgrades, giving owners a finished product with warranty service (Maintenance plan required for warranty service). Our packaging, distribution and marketing strategy are designed to engage directly with consumers, car dealerships, and racing car parts vendors in their respective establishments or on race circuit grounds.  This cuts out unnecessary expense, energy waste and cost.  This simple approach works by maximizing the product experience and opportunity to the distributor and end-consumer.

We offer:

  • High quality, effective, straightforward, fuel additives designed for maximum performance of stock and upgraded engines.
  • Precision build custom race-tuned engines, parts, accessories, vehicle maintenance programs and full vehicle upgrade packages ranging in value from $15,000 to up to $200,000.
  • Proven, effective sales and marketing strategies that deliver superior products in an efficient, cost-effective manner while maintaining our corporate philosophy.
  • Superior support to current and previous customers insuring a high quality product that will perform to our high grade standards, insuring return/repeat business.


CardioMap – A Medical Device Technology Asset Subsidiary

cm_slide_big cardiomap-heartimages


CardioMap depicts disease or stress levels, along with current heart conditions as a 3D image supplementing the line
drawing electrocardiogram (ECG), but with device sensitivity that surpasses standard ECG analyzers by 7 to 50 times. It is
highly portable and provides a rapid analysis in 30 or 60 seconds. The device is connected through the Internet to the
central server that converts the electric conductivity of the cardiac tissue into a three-dimensional, color-coded and easy to interpret
visual portrait. Regular use of the CardioMap® enables early detection of heart abnormalities.

  • Since inception in 2003, over 34 different clinics performed their independent clinical trials on more than 8,000 patients
    with verification of HeartVue™ conclusions compared to results of other surveys.
  • CardioMap®, HeartVue™ and their modifications are acknowledged for use as medical devices in the European Union
    (certificate EuroCAT GmbH / CE 0535).
  • With its advantages and ease of use, CardioMap® can not only penetrate the existing $110B medical device industry in
    traditional health care spaces, but can also expand the market segment to include preventive medicine in remote or nonhospital
  • The creators and scientific team for CardioMap® continue to work with the Company to continually iterate upon and
    improve this technology, while simultaneously conducting ongoing research and development to identify new medical
    device technologies and applications.
  • Company has secured international distribution agreements with large medical device companies and also plans to
    distribute in North America through its direct sales channels.

(Currently in R&D) Power Fuel Additive – ProjectAlpha

projectalpha-label-02 projectalpha-label-01

ProjectALPHA is our racing inspired, premier fuel additive, designed specifically for on track use, though standard road use has proven safe and effective. ProjectALPHA allows the user to use standard 91 Octane fuel for on track use with increased performance.  Consumers will feel and experience the product the first time they use it making it a huge impact product for The Odyssey Group International.

ProjectALPHA is positioned to take advantage of the estimated $8.6 billion U.S. fuel additive market by 2020.  Our combination of Insane Power Competition Engines custom vehicle packages and ProjectALPHA’s increase in WHP by up to 20%, is a fantastic opportunity for any racing or car enthusiast.

ProjectBETA is still in the planning stages and is a standardized fuel additive (87 to 91 Octane range). This fuel additive is designed to increase MPG, horsepower and extend the life of the vehicle’s engine and vital components.