Executive Officers

The Odyssey Group International officers and directors are:

Steve Miller, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Miller has served as our Chairman of the Board, CEO and President and as a director of our company since our inception. See “Executive Compensation—Summary Compensation Table.” Mr. Miller has worked in the product development side of the nutraceuticals industry for over fifteen years. Since 2000, Mr. Miller has developed sales channels and supply chains worldwide as he has supported clients of Eco Scientific Labs, where he has served as Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Miller additionally has a background in finance that enables him to understand the financial aspects of an operating public company. Likewise, Mr. Miller has extensive experience in working with regulatory agencies regarding distribution and product registration worldwide.

We believe that Mr. Miller possesses specific attributes that qualify him to serve as Chairman of our board of directors, including his extensive experience in the health and wellness industry while working with and managing companies within the industry and as a board member his knowledge about product strategies and marketing will assist the company in developing businesses. Mr. Miller has management experience in a publicly traded company, and we believe his corporate governance practices will assist the company in complying with legal and industry standards.

James C. Short, Chief Relations Officer and Director

Mr. Short has served as our Secretary and as a director of our company since our inception. Mr. Short has 14 years of business experience and has worked in numerous other functions of capital raising and structuring. Mr. Short has 14 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Mr. Short worked most recently as a Major Account Executive at Time Warner Cable focusing on large data applications, Metro E, Cloud Services, Data Storage, Bulk Video and Voice Services. Prior to that, Mr. Short was a co-founder and Vice President of Business Relations at Regeneca, Inc., a health and wellness company and was a Senior Account Executive at Dermacia, Inc., a dermatological company.

We believe that Mr. Short possesses specific attributes that qualify him to serve as a member of our board of directors, including his extensive experience as a business owner, investor, and roles in raising capital. Mr. Short has strong ties to the business world, and we believe his experience will help our company develop better marketing networks and competitive marketing strategies and assist the Company in developing capital raising efforts.

Brett Bergeron, IP Motors Operations Manager

Mr. Bergeron is currently Director of Operations at IP Motors Inc. and CEO of Insane Power Las Vegas. Mr. Bergeron has over 27 years of experience in the automotive industry, ranging in expertise from machine work, engineering, and engine modification. He holds a degree in CNC Programming from the University of New Hampshire, and has held many positions throughout his career, from shop manager to head machinist, as well as director of research and development in the industry. His skill set and meticulous building techniques have earned Mr. Bergeron a career changing win at the 1991 World Power Boating Championships, which later propelled him to win 5 of the coveted Builder of the Year Awards for his custom built engines in the automotive industry, 4 in the Winston West, winner of the 2001 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series engine builder, and most recently, in 2015, Mr. Bergeron won the World Championships in PSCA. His track records for success stems from his consistent desire for self-improvement, clearly visible in his 27 body building titles across multiple weight classes, and his mind blowing three world records in power lifting. His innovative building techniques make him a prized asset to the Odyssey Group International and IP Motors Inc.

Val Krapf, VP, Sales and Marketing/Operations for Direct Sales Companies

For over 15 years, Mr. Krapf has excelled in new business development, specifically targeting sales, operations, marketing and finance. With his background and track record, Mr. Krapf has been sought after by many reputable business establishments to assist in increasing profit, streamlining company processes, increasing the customer base and overall customer satisfaction through various sales and marketing tactics. His passion for marketing and business development brought Mr. Krapf to The Odyssey Group International as the VP of Sales and Marketing, where he is able to utilize his expertise in making The Odyssey Group a ‘household’ name.

Kevin Wiltz, Director

Mr. Wiltz has served as a director of our company since our inception. Mr. Wiltz has over 20 years of upper level management pertaining to Business Development for startup companies. He has served as a Director of many small emerging companies in both the technology and nutritional industries focusing on businesses development of sales channels.  Mr. Wiltz has sold products worldwide, emphasizing Asian markets. Since 2010, Mr. Wiltz has held a Director Position with Polar Web Media, a worldwide media agency, and currently advises clients of Polar Web on international product distribution. We believe that Mr. Wiltz possesses specific attributes that qualify him to serve as a member of our board of directors.