Our Company

Odyssey Group International, Inc. is a Nevada corporation formed in March 2014. We refer to Odyssey Group International, Inc. herein as “OGI,” “Odyssey,” the “company,” “our company,” “we,” “us” and “our”. Our company has no subsidiaries. The Odyssey Group’s business model is to be a research and acquisition hub, focused on building and acquiring cash-flowing assets in areas that have an identified technological advantage and a substantial market opportunity within significant target markets across the globe.

Our Mission

The corporate mission is to create or acquire distinct assets, intellectual property, and technologies. Our mission is to deliver the strongest industry model possible with solid returns to our valued shareholders and partners. To carry forward the lessons learned and further refine the technologies and formulations as we build our distribution capability to leverage the assets from our projects across the globe.

General Development of the Business

The Company is a trans-disciplinary product development enterprise involved in the discovery, development and commercialization of a broad range of products. The Company has developed, and subsequent to July 2014, began marketing a product to provide athletic enhancement products to improve the human body’s function during athletic stress.

Subsequent to February 2016, the Company acquired the right to sell and distribute a new technology, CardioMap, which is an advanced technology for early non-invasive testing for heart disease. The CardioMap is the ONLY device in the world that has a PREDICTIVE value. All other methods presently used, including ECG, Stress Tests, EHO, etc. either define patients as ‘healthy’ (no pathology, no changes) or ‘sick’ (there is a pathology and/or organic changes). The CardioMap is the only device that has the ability to show the ‘grey’ areas where deterioration has begun but not lead to pathology yet. This is a phenomenal incentive for doctors to use the CardioMap device in addition to other devices currently used in their practice. For the first time, doctors will have a unique tool allowing them to evaluate the patient’s overall health condition/status using the heart as an indirect indicator of the other systems and organs. With its combination of speed, simplicity of testing and visual ease in understanding interpretations, these predictive and screening features allow us to bridge the consumer market of wellness, and non traditional medicines.

We eventually intend to further acquire other technologies and assets and apply them to our business model and current technologies to be a trans-disciplinary product development company involved in the discovery, development and commercialization of products over a variety of industries.

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The Odyssey Group International, Inc.
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